Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hand-drawn Breakdown of Style - Cassandra Rhodin

This is the original of Cassandra Rhodin's watercolour illustration:

Below I have broken down Cassandra Rhodin's illustration starting from scratch. As you can see I have taken the basic shape of the head and drawn guidelines, showing the position of the hairline, eyes, lips and centre face. This therefore helped me to draw the face and hair in the right proportion:

Cassandra Rhodins illustrations are extremely attractive with her style of eyes. She uses bold, smoky eyes which therefore stand out from the rest of the illustration. Below I have taken the eyes and produced a step by step guide of how to draw them:

Below I have drawn 2 full figures from the illustration including a full face and body. I also discovered that Cassandra Rhodin liked to draw animals in her illustrations which I have also re-drawn:

Finally, I have re-drawn and interpreted Cassandra Rhodins illustration by hand, using watercolour. As you can see I have drawn the outline of the figures first, then adding colour with watercolour pencils:

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